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Tripwire is excited to announce that a second round of The Sledgehammer Series is in the works! Keep an eye out for any announcements about our upcoming writers and their projects here and in our social media! social media.

In the meantime... check out the badass books from the first Sledgehammer Serieson our website, which include works from award-winning Playwrights Phillip Howze, Hansol Jung, Jorge Ignacio Cortiñas and Christina Anderson.

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Living within Tripwire’s mission of highlighting unrepresented voices and unrecognized/unconventional theater work, The Sledgehammer Series focuses on challenging how theater can visually live on the page. The series aspires to be an entirely artist-centered model of publication (as 13P was for theater production). The book-making process is artist-driven, allowing its authors to create a dialogue not only with their audience but with the other writers in the series as well.

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