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Doodles from the Margins: Three Plays

In this collection, Hansol Jung doodled on the text of her plays (Wolf Play, No More Sad Things, and Wild Goose Dreams) to create marginalia. Artist and designer Clint Ramos was commissioned to design the cover.

Three Plays by Christina Anderson

2022 Horton Foote award winner Christina Anderson designed her own cover for this stunning collection, which includes How to Catch Creation, Good Goods, and Hollow Roots.

Rarities & Wonders: Plays

From the beautiful mind of Phillip Howze comes a formidable collection of writing that represents an array of actions, disclosures, marvels, and meanderings.


Recent Alien Abductions

Jorge Ignacio Cortiñas' Recent Alien Abductions uses the metaphor of alien abduction to explore two kinds of asymmetrical relationships: the experience of growing up queer in a straight family and the geopolitical relationship Puerto Rico has with the United States.


How To Destroy Stuff. (And Make Theater.)

An irreverent children's activity book for ages 5-8 that begins with destruction and ends in performance. Written by Nobody.


Bed: A Play with Music in One Act

A witty, raw, racy romance with music. Spanning 10 years in less than 90 minutes, BED "explores issues of love, abandonment and betrayal through the unique and inimitable lens of playwright Sheila Callaghan."


Theater Artists Making Theatre With No Theater

During the early stages of the pandemic, three theater pals sent out a call to their peers to consider what "theatre with no theater" might look like. This book is the result.


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